Presiding Elders of Antioch UMC

1856 Wm. H, Whulright Presiding Elder
1859 W. H. Christian Presiding Elder pg. 258
1859 (only) Henry Cox Missionary
1860 Jno W. F. Jones helping preacher
1861 W.H. Pearce Missionary to servants
1862 Dr. J. R. Finley Presiding Elder
1862 W.L. Dalby or Dolby (the one that was a preacher earlier 1859) Missionary to Colored People
1863 Nelson Head Presiding Elder
1864 J. B. Merritt Helping Preacher pg.412
1865 W.S. Williams Junior Preacher ( he died the next year)
1865 Herbert T. Bacon Social Deacon p. 316
1867 J. A. Proctor Presiding Elder p. 383
1869 Ro. Michaels Presiding Elder (the one that was previously a preacher1863)
1872 F. M. Edwards Presiding Elder p. 385
1877 E. M. Peterson Presiding Elder p. 265
1880 Francis J. Boggs p. 242
1882 Lemuel S. Reed p. 271
1886 Oscar Littleton p. 380
1890 Joshua Soule Hunter p. 499
1891 Thomas Horace Campbell p. 344
1895 Joseph Henry Riddick p. 300
1899 William Henry Edwards p. 467
1901 R.T. Wilson p. 357
1903 Josiah Dickenson Hank p. 374
1907 Jesse T. Whitley p. 529
1908 W.W. Lear p. 438
1911 E.T. Dadmun
1913 J. F. Carey p. 826
1915 H.I. Pfeiffer p. 565
1918 C.E. Blankinship p. 760
1922 Clayton Orlando Tuttle p. 833
1925 R.H. Potts p. 545
1929 R.T. Waterfield p. 763
1934 M.S. Colonna p. 602
1937 George Wesley Jones p. 769

William Kenneth Haddock, 1908-1990 William Kenneth Haddock was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, October 7, 1908, the son of Richmond Streeter and Mary Janie Haddock. He died in Richmond, Virginia, September 10, 1990, and is survived by his widow, Frances Belman Haddock; one son, William Kenneth, Jr.; and two daughters, Martha Anne Lang and Carolyn Sue Ray. Kenneth Haddock received his license to preach in 1928, was admitted in the Virginia conference in 1933, ordained deacon in 1934, and elder in 1937. He served eight churches through the conference and as superintendent of three districts. He served with distinction on a number of the boards and agencies of the conference. He was honored many times -- including an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Randolph-Macon College and election as a delegate to Jurisdictional and General conferences. His service reached beyond the bounds of Virginia Methodism as a staff member of Finance and Field Service of the General Board of Global Ministries and as a staff member of Health, Education and Welfare of the United States government. Ken Haddock was abundantly gifted. He had a brilliant mind, was an excellent preacher, and an able administrator. We became friends in 1936 when the two of us were appointed to churches on the Eastern Shore District. I appreciated his quick wit, his perceptive mind, his never failing courtesy, and his constant friendship across the years. I will miss him. The service of celebration of his life was held in Trinity United Methodist Church, Richmond, Virginia, with Dr. Eugene R. Woolridge, Jr., and the Rev. Lee Roy Brown, with the writer of this memoir officiating. Interment was in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Richmond. -Carl J. Sanders