Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Sunday, October 3rd

Administrative Board @ Williams—9:00 AM

Cook-out @ Antioch—12:00 PM

Monday, October 4th

Bible Study @ the Parsonage (Matthew 28)

Tuesday, October 5th

Bible Study @ Audrey Smith’s (Revelation 1)

Administrative Board @ Antioch—7:00 PM

Wednesday, October 6th

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Choir @ Williams—6:30 PM

Saturday, October 9th

Stew @ Antioch

Sunday, October 10th

Charge Conference @ Antioch—2:30 PM

Are You Ready for Revelation?

We will begin our Bible study on the book of Revelation on Tuesday,  October 5th (10 AM) and Monday, October 11th (7 PM).  This is a great time to join one of our Bible study groups!

Charge Conference is coming up!

This year’s Charge Conference will be October 10th at 2:30 PM at Antioch.  The deadline to return forms to Pastor Andrew has passed, so if you have not submitted your forms, please do so as soon as possible!  This will be a great time to look forward to what God is calling us to in the next year, so I hope that everyone will be able to attend!

Are You Interested in Greeting?

Our team of greeters is getting organized, and if you are willing to commit to arrive early for church one Sunday a month, we would love to have you join us!  Talk to Betsy Hendricks or Pastor       Andrew for more information.

If you missed hearing about our Labor of Love...

...talk to Pastor Andrew to get a copy of our labor of love action plan.  We are excited about the next steps God is calling us to and looking forward to having as many people as possible joining in with our labor of love so that our church can truly be what God is calling us to be!

Ushers for October-December

Jeffery Bacon, Wayne Hendricks, Earl Callis, and Ronnie Overby


Walt Moseley, Tommy Barnes, Haynie Hite, and Jimmy Chumney