Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Sunday, September 12th

Growth Team (lunch included) @ Williams—12:30 PM

Monday, September 13th

Bible Study @ the Parsonage—7:00 PM (Matthew 26)

Tuesday, September 14th

Bible Study @ Audrey Smith’s —10:00 AM (Matthew 27)

Growth Team/Administrative Board @ Antioch—7:00 PM

Wednesday, September 15th

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Thursday, September 16th

God’s Work in Hungary @ the Parsonage—10:00 AM

Antioch Growth Team and Administrative Board

The Antioch Growth Team and administrative Board will be meeting together on Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00 PM to solidify our next steps for how we are going to live out our labor of love: to welcome people into a congregation and community pursuing relevant faith.  Come join us.

God is at Work in Eastern Europe

The District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church in Hungary will be joining us on Thursday, September 16th at 10:00 AM at Antioch to share what God is doing in the United Methodist Church in Hungary.  This is an opportunity that you will not want to miss to hear about how God is at work in Eastern Europe!

Open House and “Shower” for the STAND

The STAND is a new United Methodist Faith Community in the Fort Lee area that is making its first step through the creation of a Christian preschool.  The Shower and Open House for The STAND School will be on September 12th, 2011 from 4PM-6PM at 4725 Whitehill Boulevard, Suite 100, Prince George, VA 23875. Bring along a gift for our District’s new baby. The “wish list” can be found on their website at: www.thestandschool.com.

The Woman’s Gathering

The Women's Gathering will be at VUMAC in Blackstone, Virginia on September 17-18.  The theme for 2010 is A BOLD NEW LIFE, and the event is open to all women (age 14 & up).  For more information, see www.thewomensgathering.embarqspace.com or call 434-286-3955.

Charge Conference is coming up!

This year’s Charge Conference will be October 10th at 2:30 PM at Antioch.  Pastor Andrew needs all reports from church leaders to be submitted by Thursday, September 30th!