Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Monday, May 3rd

NO Bible Study this week

Tuesday, May 4th

NO Bible Study this week

Wednesday, May 5th

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Choir @ Williams—6:30 PM

Saturday, May 8th

Men’s Breakfast @ Williams—8:00 AM

Pastoral Emergencies

If you have a pastoral emergency over the next two weeks, please contact the ministers mentioned below:

May 3-7: Rev. Don Jamison at 434-294-5089

May 8-15: Rev. Tim Beck at 434-676-2600

These pastors serve United Methodist churches in our community and will be available during Pastor Andrew’s absence.

Children’s Day celebration

Children’s Day is next Sunday!  We are looking forward to celebrating one of the great traditions of our church community, and we need all the children in our community (regardless of age!) to be involved.  For more information or to sign up, talk with Mary Ann Cundiff at 636-5151.

Ushers for May 1– August 31, 2010

Special thanks to all the ushers for their service.  The top row     indicates ushers, the second row indicates alternates.

Walter Moseley  Tommy Barnes, Jimmy Chumney, William Bacon

Bobby Moseley  Jacob Bacon,       Ronnie Overby,   Chris Bacon

Community Garden at Antioch!

The Outreach Committee at Antioch would like to invite you to join in a new project for this gardening season: we are going to be planting a community garden next to Antioch!  This garden will be our way of blessing the community.  It will be open for anyone who wants to pick fresh produce, free of charge.  We have set a tentative planting time for 8 AM-12 PM on May 15th, so come out and join us!  For more information contact Brenda Barnes at 676-3630.