Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Opportunities for Ministry and Service

Wednesday, April 11th

Worship @ Pine View—10:00 AM

Choir @ Williams—6:30 PM

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—7:00 PM

Thursday, April 12th

Bible Study @ Audrey Smith’s (Philippians 3-4)—10:00 AM

Saturday, April 14th

Men’s Breakfast @ Williams—8:00 AM

Encountering Jesus

Has today’s message resonated with you?  Do you need to encounter the risen Christ in new and powerful ways?  You are   encouraged to join us for Sunday worship on April 22nd as we begin a series of worship services that are focused on Encountering Jesus.  Our faith is both communal and personal, and if we have not encountered Jesus ourselves, our life of faith will struggle.  Join us as we seek Christ together!

General Conference

General Conference is the United Methodist Church’s top legislative body, and it is the only entity that speaks for The United Methodist Church. General Conference will gather April 24-May 4 in Tampa, Florida. Nine hundred eighty-eight delegates from around the world will set policy and direction for the church as well as handle other business.

The business of General Conference is essential to the church, and the decisions made at General Conference this year will impact our denomination and our local church for a long time.  So, please set aside some time in the coming weeks to pray for the delegates and the conference as a whole!





 Outreach Opportunities!

Please join us next Sunday for Outreach Sunday.  We will be learning about Nothing but Nets and how we can make a difference in the fight against malaria!

Special thanks to everyone who gave to our special collection to support the feeding program for the seniors among the    people of Edisto.  We raised $417!  That’s enough to pay for more than 170 meals! ($2.40 per meal).  If you would like to give and were unable to give earlier, talk to Joy Daigle Book.



















































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Sunday Worship Services

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