Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Palm Sunday, March 28th

Community Palm Sunday Worship @ Victoria Church of the Nazarene—7:00 PM

Monday, March 29th

Bible Study @ the Parsonage—7:00 PM

Reading: John 13-17.  Reflect on how Jesus equips his disciples to be the church in his absence.

Tuesday, March 30th

Bible Study @ Audrey Smith’s home—10:00 AM

Reading: See Above

Finance Committee @ Antioch

Wednesday, March 31st

Lenten Lunches @ Ebenezer Presbyterian—12:00 PM

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Choir @ Williams—6:30 PM

Maundy Thursday, April 1st

Maundy Thursday Worship @ Williams—7:00 PM

Good Friday, April 2nd

Good Friday Worship @ Antioch—7:00 PM

Holy Saturday, April 3rd

Community Easter Cantata @ Kenbridge Community Center—7:00 PM

Easter Sunday, April 4th

Sunrise Worship @ Antioch—7:00 AM

Easter Breakfast @ Antioch—8:00 AM

Easter Worship @ Williams—9:30 AM

Easter Worship @ Antioch—11:00 AM

Pennies from Heaven.

Thank you for participating in our Lenten Offering!  Throughout Lent, we have had a container on our dining room  tables and set aside 2 cents a meal and offered a prayer for those who are hungry.  Please bring your pennies with you on Easter Sunday as we collect our pennies together to see what a difference they will make!

Lenten Lunches

The Kenbridge area churches are joining together for a series of programs throughout Lent.  These lunches take place at different churches around Kenbridge and feature pastors from many of the local churches presenting a lesson on the last words of Jesus.  You are invited to bring a sandwich (drinks are provided) and come!  This week’s lunch will be led by Rev. Charles Clubb at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church and will look at Jesus’ words “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.

























































































How to celebrate Holy Week.

-Follow the readings in the Transformation Journal.  These readings will walk you through each day of this week..  Take time to reflect and meditate!

-Attend worship. (Schedule on back cover.) Worship with the church is a great way to focus on Christ.

-Attend Holy Week Bible study on Jesus’ final desires for the church.

-Talk with your family and friends about the            importance of what Christ has done for us this week.

-Set aside extra time for prayer.