Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Wednesday, March 9th

Worship @ Pine View—10:00 AM

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Ash Wednesday Worship @ Antioch—7:00 PM

Thursday, March 10th

Bible Study @ Audrey Smith’s—10:00 AM (Revelation 21-22)

Saturday, March 12th

Men’s Breakfast @ Antioch—8:00 AM

Williams Stew @ the Tanner’s home

Ash Wednesday Worship

Plan to join us for a solemn time of worship to begin the season of Lent this coming Wednesday, Ash Wednesday.  We will be gathering at Antioch at 7:00 PM.  Everyone is welcome!

New Church Plant in the Farmville District!

Based on the work of the Amelia Thrift Store, a group of passionate men and women are going to begin a new church community in Amelia County to reach unengaged individuals.  More information to come, but please begin praying for this new church plant.  We have not had a new church in the Farmville District since the 1930’s, so this is an exciting time!

Daylight Savings Time...

Remember that next Saturday night, our clocks will “spring forward.”  So, when you go to bed on Saturday night, turn your clocks forward one hour (10 PM becomes 11 PM).  We will see you on Sunday!

Williams Stew

Williams church is holding a stew at Tom and Willie Ann Tanner’s home on Saturday, March 12th.  If you are interested in placing advance orders, please be in touch with Tom or Willie Ann. Otherwise, we will look forward to seeing you on Saturday!





Outreach Opportunities!

Our Outreach focus for the month of March concerns victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. We are partnering with   Madeline’s House to learn more about the issue in our community and to discover ways that we can prevent domestic violence and provide care for victims. 

One way, we can make a difference is by donating items:  gas cards, Food Lion Gift Cards, WalMart Gift Cards, AT&T Calling Cards, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, diapers, paper plates, plastic cutlery, cleaning supplies, etc.  For a complete list and to learn more about the valuable services they provide, please visit: http://www.madelineshouse.net .