Opportunities for Ministry and Service


Monday, February 22nd

No Bible Study—Please reread Matthew 5-7 and reflect on how we can be fully committed disciples!

Tuesday, February 23rd

No Bible Study—see above

Wednesday, February 24th

Lenten Lunches @ Kenbridge Christian Church—12:00 PM

Prayer Meeting @ Williams—5:45 PM

Choir @ Williams—6:30 PM

Pennies from Heaven.

On Ash Wednesday, we placed a container on our dining room  tables and are setting aside 2 cents a meal and offering a prayer for those who are hungry.  If you have not started yet, please participate from today through the rest of Lent.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful time of reflection and participation in serving the hungry in our community.

Lenten Lunches

The Kenbridge Area churches are joining together to create a series of programs throughout Lent.  These lunches will take place at   different churches around Kenbridge and will feature pastors from many of the local churches presenting a lesson on the last words of Jesus.  You are invited to bring a sandwich (drinks are provided) and come!  This week’s lunch will be at Kenbridge Christian Church and will look at Jesus’ words to the thief on the cross: “I assure you today you will be with me in paradise.”

Our Online Community

Periodically, we send out emails to those within the church community who use this means of communication.  If you are not receiving our emails, please add your email address to the list in the back of the church.  Additionally, the Transformation Journal and other information (information on Charis Storms and Mongolia, Pennies from Heaven, and more) is on the Antioch website www.antiochmethodistchurch.org.  Look us up on Facebook as well and join the discussion about Lenten disciplines!

Phone Tree

Our church phone tree, to be used in times of church closure, is in need of updating!  If you are interested in working on this project, please talk with Pastor Andrew.